Awakenings Festival (25.06.11)

Awakenings Festival is always a highlight, but this time they didn’t have as much luck as previous years with the weather.

It had been raining a lot and rubber boots were a necessary item this day.

I came in late, around 17:00. I wanted to check ‘our machines’, which were recording for DJ Monitor and since there was a lot of rain I wanted to see if all were still running.

I had planned to do 1 round along all the stages and then go home again. That 1 round took me almost 4 hours to complete. Too many acquintances and old friends I hadn’t seen in a while.

I also saw some dj’s/acts, of which LBS (Laurent Garnier, Benjamin Rippert & Scan X) was definetely the highlight… Now let’s hope he brings the orchestra next time (like on SMS 2009).