Awakenings (23.04.11)

It was Saturday evening, I was chilling on the couch from 2 nights clubbing, when a friend called: I’m going to Awakenings… wanna go with… I did actually, so I quickly put on some decent clothes and went to the “Gas”.

We came in when Billy (Nasty) was heavily pounding some old tracks, this was Awakenings…

The lighting was again spectacular. Big up to Awakes lightman Jasper for it… This time there were 4 events in a row; Goldfish Live (Thursday), O.W.A.P. (Friday), Awakenings 1 (Saturday) and Awakenings 2 (Sunday).

This gave them the opportunity to go all out with lighting and fireworks. And it was showable… Man, the lighting was impressive (see videos).

Then it was time to hear Octave One. I can’t remember hearing them play after I first heard them on a private boat in Berlin, back in 2002 or 2003, either way it was a long time ago. It didn’t matter, because they made up for it…. Banging set ! And Black Water still doesn’t disappoint….

Then it was time for ‘my man of the night’: Joey Beltram. If you had’t got that Awakenings feeling already Joey would surely give it to you… He played some old school bangers…

The traditional fireworks started with Surgeon’s set at 4. As (almost) always we went to the bleechers, for the best view but it’s so hella hot up there, you come back dripping wet… Surgeon is a bit too much for me, so just when I decided it was time to call it a day, Rush started… Now it was really time to go home :) but what an edition ! Big Up !