Awakenings (09.10.10)

Last weekend was the Awakenings weekender. I hadn’t planned to go any of the days, since I had planned to meet up with some Germans who came to Holland. Their other meeting ran late and thus ours got cancelled and I was left with a bit of a wasted Saturdaynight.

Until close friends of mine invited me to go with them to Awakenings, which I gladly accepted, despite the fact the dj I wanted to hear, was sick, namely Ricardo Villalobos.

Replacing him was Jon Gaiser and Raresh now played solo, instead of with Ricardo. We came in when 360 Soundsystem was playing aka Nuno dos Santos and Patrice Bäumel, who played a very nice set, with a good tempo.

The stage looked awesome. Even having seen dozens of Awakenings parties, everytime they know how to amaze the crowd. The stage was covered in LED strips and had fire ‘blowers’ on both corners. The fireworks was fun but I missed the big loud bangs. Maybe they’re not allowed anymore.