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24 Hour Partypeople (01.01.11)

  January 2, 2011   Party videos
I stayed in on New Years Eve this year, which was a first time in 12 years or so. I slept in and went to 24 Hour Partypeople with Norman Weber from Luna City Express and my homey Jeff.

Rockit Christmas Allstars (26.12.10)

  December 27, 2010   Party videos
Boxing day (Decmber 26) is all about parties, there are parties everywhere. There was Rejected in Trouw, Voltt in Paradiso and the one where I was: Rockit Christmas Allstars at the Westerunie.

Dirty Dutch (18.12.10)

  December 20, 2010   Party videos
It was a year already since I had to work at Dirty Dutch. This time I went for fun and to say hi to a couple of people.

Qlimax (27.11.10)

  November 28, 2010   Party videos
About a week ago I also was in the Gelredome. Then it was for a Prince concert, this time it was work; Qlimax 2010. Definetely not my kind of music, but work can't always be perfect. And since none of 'my engineers' could go, I had to go myself.

Awakenings (26.11.10)

  November 28, 2010   Party videos
It was time for Awakenings again and so I went with some friends. We came in at exactly the right time, namely with Joris Voorn behind the decks.

Prince @ Gelredome (18.11.10)

  November 19, 2010   Party videos
Some artists announce their concerts months in advance, but not if you're Prince Roger Nelson. Then you announce it 2 weeks before you're coming.

Amsterdam Dance Event 2010 – 4

  October 25, 2010   Party videos
I had planned to visit "In Bed with Ray & Anita (2 Unlimited), but got up late. I did go there to attend the Q&A with Jeff Mills and the Demolition panel, where I tested a new service by a friend of mine: Shoudio, which is location based audio recording.

Amsterdam Dance Event 2010 – 2

  October 25, 2010   Party videos
My second day started with attending a panel which featured DJ Monitors owner Yuri Dokter and Chris Groenewegen from Cloud 9. The topic was "Adding value to the dance community".

Amsterdam Dance Event 2010 – 1

  October 25, 2010   Party videos
Amsterdam Dance Event is always a hectic period. In the past I went to as many clubs to take some pictures everywhere for the websites I used to do. This time I focussed mostly on the daily program.

Opening RBMA Pop-Up Studio (18.10.10)

  October 18, 2010   Party videos
Red Bull Music Academy has a Pop-up radio station which pops up on certain locations. This week they have popped up in Amsterdam because of Amsterdam Dance Event.