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Symphonica Elektronica (14.05.11)

  May 14, 2011   Party videos
Today was the first edition of Symphonica Elektronica, a new festival which took place in Utrecht, on the Haarrijnse plas. Normally I hate going to festivals early but now I had to, since one of my best friends was opening on the NL030 stage.

Strand Oog in Al (08.05.11)

  May 9, 2011   Party videos
Utrecht has a nice city beach, called Oog In Al. It's located on a point where 2 canals merge, so water on both sides and nonstop sunny. I had planned to go there because Norman Weber and Marco Resmann would be playing together (as Luna City Express).

Klinch @ Melkweg (06.05.11)

  May 9, 2011   Party videos
Friday was a special day. Karocel was scheduled to play in the Melkweg. Karocel is a project by Mathias Kaden, Marbert Rocel and Mitchi Nagler. I first heard them at NachtDigital where they rocked the mainstage in the sun, which was one of the best sets of the summer.

ExSquz Me (22.04.11)

  April 24, 2011   Party videos
DJ Hell was in town, which is a rare thing, so I visited Club Air to see/listen what he was up to. I was surprised how 'empty' it was. The club wasn't even 'complete', it was made smaller with black curtains... Luckily he played nice, nothing spectacular, but nice...

Awakenings (23.04.11)

  April 24, 2011   Party videos
It was Saturday evening, I was chilling on the couch from 2 nights clubbing, when a friend called: I'm going to Awakenings... wanna go with... I did actually, so I quickly put on some decent clothes and went to the "Gas".

12 Inch City & Linke Soep

  April 16, 2011   Party videos
The weekend starts here is a proper description for last night... Marco Resmann (Luna City Express) was in town to play at BC12 and since he's a friend and I had no plans I decided to join him which ended up on a clubhopping tour through Amsterdam.

Sunday chill party

  April 11, 2011   Party videos
If you have nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon, you can just throw your own party, somewhere where you won't disturb anyone. That's what some people did in Utrecht, yesterday.

Time Warp 2011

  April 7, 2011   Party videos
It was time to go to Mannheim again for Time Warp, my 11th time in a row. And still I'm not bored. It's just so much fun seeing so many people you know, because Time Warp is always a sort of reunion.

Static (26.03.11)

  March 27, 2011   Party videos
Yesterday was a quick visit to Westerunie. This time it wasn't an FCA party so I didn't have to work (which is normally when I'm there). This time it was Static.

Drink tokens

  March 26, 2011   Blog
On lots of parties you have to pay with prepaid drink tokens. And always you have too many in the end and they can't be used again, so they're worthless, except for emotional value.