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Studio 80 – 6th anniversary

  August 9, 2011   Party videos
Studio 80, the Amsterdam club where I worked for over a year when it opened, celebrated its 6th anniversary. It was a boat party, combined with a beach party. To transport the people from the boat to the beach I was asked to arrange shuttle busses and so I did...

Prince @ Ahoy (09.07.11)

  August 9, 2011   Party videos
Prince did 3 nightly concerts after North Sea Jazz and I managed to get tickets for two of them. The first night I sat front row on the 1st ring with quite an ok view. Prince announced 3 totally different gigs and it was definetely something I didn't expect.

Ibiza (04.07.11)

  August 9, 2011   Party videos
I had some money to spend so I bought a roundtrip ticket to go clubbing in Ibiza for 1 night. The reason was a friend (Marco Resmann/Luna City Express) was playing in DC10 and to catch some rays of sun.

Rockit Open Air 2011

  August 1, 2011   Party videos
If I don't have a festival trip of my own (like Nachtdigital in 2010) I'm at Rockit Open Air, working... We were in luck this time with the weather, which is a big plus after seeing rain on several festivals already.

Prince @ Melkweg (24.07.11)

  July 25, 2011   Party videos
Due to the tragedy in Norway, Prince cancelled his shows there and came to the Melkweg to rehearse. He decided to do 2 last minute concerts... It was announced on Twitter around 9 pm, about an hour later I was queueing.

House Of Pain (28.06.11)

  June 30, 2011   Party videos
Everybody knows House Of Pain and since they were in Amsterdam, I wanted to see if they still got it going on. I came in during the first song so right on time, but they didn't really do it for me. Only the last song, Jump Around, was nice.

Latin Village (26.06.11)

  June 30, 2011   Party videos
The day after Awakenings Festival it's Latin Village which takes place on the same location (minus 2 areas). It's not that I came for the music, I was there to (help) pickup our recording machines.

Awakenings Festival (25.06.11)

  June 30, 2011   Party videos
Awakenings Festival is always a highlight, but this time they didn't have as much luck as previous years with the weather. It had been raining a lot and rubber boots were a necessary item this day.

030Fest (18.06.11)

  June 30, 2011   Party videos
030Fest was a mini festival, organized on Strand Oog In Al, a city beach in Utrecht. With no plans I decided to join my homie Marco Resmann who was playing there.

Free Your Mind Festival 2011

  June 16, 2011   Party videos
Free Your Mind was a long week this year. I was on the festival area from Monday 'till Sunday, taking photos of the buildup and all things around it... Pics of it will be online later, but first the festival.