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Holiday in Jamaica

  September 22, 2011   Blog

I had to get away from everything. I hadn't been on a real vacation in years (which involved sun and relaxing), I only went snowboarding which is a non-stop work-out.

So I decided to visit Jamaica, home of the Ganja and Bob Marley.

15 years Rejected

  September 18, 2011   Party videos

This was the 15th anniversary of the label Rejected, owned by Joris Voorn and Edwin Oosterwal. The night was of the hook, glowsticks flying everywhere. A night to remember...

Hell & Dunkel Open Air 2011

  September 5, 2011   Party videos

My first time Hell & Dunkel Open Air. Unfortunately there was no demand for a bus trip but maybe next year. This meant I also had to fix my own transportation instead of going by bus, since it's a bit too far on my scooter.

Voltt Loves Summer 2011

  September 5, 2011   Party videos

The past 2 years I attended Mysteryland for work, this time I wanted to visit Voltt, where I didn't have to work (so I thought). When I was just barely minutes awake, I got a call from Voltt, "one of your machines isn't working".

Even though it wasn't part of the contract, I schwung by the office to grab a new one and headed to Voltt.

Kiesgrube (21.08.11)

  August 22, 2011   Party videos

This weekend was planned to be the only one I had 'free' as in no work, no festival, no parties, just relaxing... Since a lot of people were at Lowlands, it was nice and quiet...

But I saw Kiesgrube was organized and I didn't go for a long time... So impulsively we drove to Neuss on Sunday.

SonneMondSterne 2011

  August 16, 2011   Party videos

What can I say about SonneMondSterne ? I have always had a soft spot for this festival. When I called them back in 2002 and told them I wanted to do bustrips and do their promotion in Holland, 1 of the 2 owners jumped in his car the next day and drove over 600 kilometers to meet me.

Nachtdigital 2011

  August 9, 2011   Party videos

My 2nd time Nachtdigital. We left perfectly in time from Amsterdam and Utrecht with a doubledecker bus filled with partypeople, ready to go wild for about 48 hours.

Our departure was perfect, but after about an hour, the heating element showed the motor was overheating, so we drove into a garage at 3 am, where a mechanic was waiting. He checked it, fixed it and after about 2 hours we were on our way again.

De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig @ Vondelpark

  August 9, 2011   Party videos

De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig did a free concert in Vondelpark and I wanted to practice a bit with my new cam, so I went despite the rain.

After their gig I shot a quick clip of them to promote their gig at Rockit Open Air, the week after.

Melt! Festival 2011

  August 9, 2011   Party videos

Like last year and the years before I went to Melt! Festival, partially work related, partially to party. I have to admit, the line-up was a bit too non-dance minded for me.

Prince @ Ahoy (10.07.11)

  August 9, 2011   Party videos

The 2nd concert of Prince in Ahoy after North Sea Jazz, but this time I managed to get an arena ticket. Together with a friend who loves Prince at least as much as I do we drove to Ahoy.

Just when he played the first track we came into the arena. With no "Golden circle" we had to crawl our way to the front where he had a nice view.