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Concept (17.12.99)

  December 18, 1999   Party videos

Where it was ? I can't remember. I would say either Melkweg or somewhere in The Hague, but I honestly don't know anymore.

I know from looking at the photos, who played; Remy and Timst'r. And that's the only thing I know/remember.

Innercity (11.12.99)

  December 12, 1999   Party videos

Innercity, the 2nd edition in the RAI in Amsterdam. After the success of the first edition, number 2 was inevitable. People were lining up for tickets and eagerly waiting to get in.

I was asked to take photos of the event and so I did, all night long. It was spectacular.

Awakenings (04.12.99)

  December 5, 1999   Party videos

I hadn't planned to go to Awakenings, but a friend got me a ticket, so I went after all ;)

On the line-up Holy Ghost (live), Jay Denham, Mike Banks (if I remember and recognise them correctly) and Steve Rachmad.

I Love Techno (06.11.99)

  November 7, 1999   Party videos

WOW... That describes my first time at I Love Techno best, I think. I was so lucky to obtain a press pass so I had all access to go around and take pics of all those dj's.

I was blown away by Laurent Garnier who played one of the best sets I have ever heard, until today (June 2010). Also top sets from Sven Väth, Surgeon, Ben Sims and Jeff Mills and Justin Berkovi. What a blast !

013 Techno (05.11.99)

  November 6, 1999   Party videos

Jeff Mills was in Holland and thus a good reason to drive all the way down South to 013, which was fairly new back then. It opened on November 13, 1998 so it was 51 weeks after it opened that I first was there.

The party was 013 Techno, 013's own techno night. On the line-up Jeff Mills and the Eindhoven-based Acid Junkies. As you can see the club was packed and the roof was on fire...

Innovate Boat party (22.10.99)

  October 23, 1999   Party videos

I can remember it was a boatparty in Rotterdam and as you can see on the photos, you can see who's playing.

I went with our regular group of friends and it was fun. That's about all I can remember, but hey it's over 10 years ago ;)

Kozzmozz (09.10.99)

  October 10, 1999   Party videos

From my friend Riel I heard of this great party in Gent (Belgium), called Kozzmozz. Always curious for new parties I drove to our neighbours to the South, accompanied by a lovely girl named Sara, who I've known since college.

We just drove as close as we could to the location (Sportpaleis Citadel/'t Kuipke) ending up IN the building with car and all.

Love Parade (10.07.99)

  July 12, 1999   Party videos

I had heard of the Love Parade and I wanted to experience it myself, there were 2 problems. 1) I was supposed to be in Göteborg (Sweden) until the day before the parade. 2) Nobody wanted to come with me.

The week before the Love Parade there was a gymnastic event, called Worldastrada and it took place in Göteborg, Sweden. I was ending my carreer in gymnastics (17 years) and this was the last event I would participate in.