I sometimes blog about some stuff, mostly Wordpress related, but also some other stuff. These are my posts...

Kozzmozz (18.03.00)

  March 19, 2000   Party videos

Kozzmozz is always great, as was this edition.`

On the line-up: Justin Berkovi (live), Jeff Mills (decks & 909), Kenny Larkin, Oliver Ho, Jim Masterson and others.

Teknation (10.03.00)

  March 11, 2000   Party videos

The first edition of Teknation in Axl, Utrecht.

On the line-up DJ Error, I forgot the rest.

Kozzmozz (18.02.00)

  February 18, 2000   Party videos

The Belgian organisation Kozzmozz decided to cross the border, to Maastricht’s Nightlive.

On the line-up: Joel Mull, Trevor Rockcliffe, T-Quest, Sir Jamez and Kozz.

Escape From Temptation (29.01.00)

  January 30, 2000   Party videos

There was a boat party in Rotterdam called "Escape From Tempation". This was a serie that ran for a while but died.

Dj’s on the bill were Billy Nasty, Jerome, Laidback Luke and Sir Jamez.

Fuse (15.01.00)

  January 16, 2000   Party videos

Since my first visit to the Fuse I've been wanting to go back. And an opportunity presented itself when Bruxelles finest club invited Jay Denham.

It was techno time !

Cruises to Pleasure (01.01.00)

  January 2, 2000   Party videos

New Years Eve was a party, but on January 1 I had discovered another nice party, namely Cruises to Pleasure in Antwerp, organized by a guy named Mario.

I drove there with a friend and it turned out to be a very nice boat party with Smos & Baby Bee, Marco (La Rocca), Michel de Hey and others.

Big Bang (31.12.99)

  January 1, 2000   Party videos

New Years Eve at the Hemkade with JP, Dave Randall, Steve Rachmad, Alexander Koning and others.

Now I don't like the Hemkade (anymore) but back then I often went there.

High Qu@lity (27.12.99)

  December 28, 1999   Party videos

High Qu@lity at Melkweg, every last Friday of the month, with JP, Ambient Daan, Tom Harding and others.

This was a long standing tradition, to go to each HQ event... Together with a whole group of friends. Until it became to hardstyle/trancy.

Los (26.12.99)

  December 27, 1999   Party videos

Can't remember anything about and I can't find a review for this night anywhere. Maybe somewhere in my archives....

If so, it will be added (if I find it).

Student party @ Fuse

  December 21, 1999   Party videos

It was a Monday night and Sir Jamez (back then a friend) was booked to play in Fuse, in Bruxelles. Howcome on a Monday night ? It was a student party.

This was a real techno night, also with T-Quest on the line-up. Straight up 4 to the floor techno.