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Legalize Street Parade (27.05.00)

  May 27, 2000   Party videos
The street rave in protest on the war on drugs. After decorating the trucks we drove to the Dam square for a protest, a speech and music. From there on we moved with a big following (the weather was great) through town, back to the harbour area where the party continued.

Mayday 2000

  May 1, 2000   Party videos
Mayday is the best party to go to on April 30. Forget Queensday (if it’s not moved to the 29th) and go to Dortmund. What you’ll see there, you’ve never seen before. A wicked party with 2 stage facing eachother in the mainhall and a line-up... WOW !

Queensday 2000

  April 30, 2000   Party videos
One of Holland’s finest days; Queensday. It’s the national excuse to get drunk and party hard. Always good fun.

Awakenings (29.04.00)

  April 30, 2000   Party videos
One of Awakenings' best editions ever, with spectacular sets from Sven Väth, Dave Clarke, Alter Ego (live) and Lady Aïda. Unfortunately afterwards we found out somebody died during this party...

Leftfield (25.04.00)

  April 26, 2000   Party videos
My 2nd visit to Tiburg's poptemple 013. Together with a good friend I drove to Brabant to see (and hear) Leftfield play. I know I thought it was impressive but that's all I know. But hey, I wrote this 10 years after date.

Innercity Bruxelles (22.04.00)

  April 23, 2000   Party videos
Innercity’s first adventure abroad and it was quite a succesful one. At least for us it was. A good line-up, good music and nice people. What do you want more… On the line-up were Monika Kruse, Acid Junkies (live), Westbam, CJ Bolland (live), Miss Djax, 100% Isis, Tiësto, Zzino and others.

Afterworld (21.04.00)

  April 21, 2000   Party videos
An illegal party in an ununsed tunnel underneath a road somewhere around Nieuwgein. It was fun. A lot of friends, no big names playing, just fun.

Techno Nation 15.04.00

  April 16, 2000   Party videos
Techno Nation is 1 dj playing a long set. In this case it was my hero (back then) Sven Väth, with T-Quest as a warm-up. Sven played a nice, loud set for 4 hours. Definetely worth the trip.

Impulz (01.04.00)

  April 2, 2000   Party videos
The organisation of DanceValley organised a very ok party; Impulz in the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch. On the line-up Joel Mull, Ambient Daan, Mark (???), Fred, Gaetano Parisio, Sander Kleinenberg, Remy, Acid Junkies (live), Lab 4 (live), Michel de Hey, Carl Cox, Tiësto, Billy Nasty, MC Marxman, MC Zoë Noa, MC Charly Lownoise (and others).

Kozzmozz (18.03.00)

  March 19, 2000   Party videos
Kozzmozz is always great, as was this edition.` On the line-up: Justin Berkovi (live), Jeff Mills (decks & 909), Kenny Larkin, Oliver Ho, Jim Masterson and others.