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Love From Above (07.07.00)

  July 8, 2000   Party videos

I was invited to come along with DJ Stef, who was invited by Paul Van Dyk to play at his Love From Above party, together with Dave Seaman.

It was not my kind of music, but definetely fun to experience.

Kozzmozz (02.07.00)

  July 2, 2000   Party videos

Kozzmozz is wicked, what can I say more. It was definetely worth it to drive 3 hours and party hard…

This night featured Kozz, Anthony Rother (live), Steve Rachmad, Adam Beyer, T-Quest, Rush (live) and others.

CHemistry in the mountains (24.06.00)

  June 25, 2000   Party videos

Chemistry organised 2 parties in Israel. The second one took place on 'The Oistrich Farm' in the mountains with dj’s Lucien Foort, 100% Isis and some Israeli dj who I forgot.

CHemistry on the beach (23.06.00)

  June 24, 2000   Party videos

Chemistry organised 2 parties in Israel. The first one took place on the famous Dolphin Reef beach with dj’s Lucien Foort, Dimitri and 100% Isis.

Out and about in Eilat (22.06.00)

  June 23, 2000   Party videos

I was in Eilat, Israel and through a mutual friend I hooked up with Israeli DJ Kobi Turgemann who took me out to 2 clubs in Eilat.

M@W (16.06.00)

  June 16, 2000   Party videos

M@W aka Marco & Willem organised a party in Club «O» with Erick E, DJ Pierre, Monika Kruse, Trish & Kash and Joel Mull.

The photo with Steve Rachmad is a photo from the afterparty in a tunnel in Nieuwgein where Joel also played.

Celebr@tion (11.06.00)

  June 12, 2000   Party videos

Club «O» in The Hague celebrated its first anniversary with a weekender with parties. On the line-up Michel de Hey, Tiësto and Remy.

Innercity Cologne (10.06.00)

  June 11, 2000   Party videos

After Israel (Eilat) and Belgium (Bruxelles) Innercity now went East to Cologne where they had booked 4 halls in the Cologne Expo, which was a bit of a miscalculation. A lot of tickets weren’t sold, which resulted in closing 3 of 4 halls and cancelling a lot of names.

Qlimax (03.06.00)

  June 4, 2000   Party videos

Qlimax was a new party organised in Beursgebouw and since it took place all the way in Eindhoven, we had to travel South.

It had rained so much that day the tunnel next to the location was flooded. Trapped in the water was a cop car, which caused quite a lot of comments from bystanders.

Teknation (02.06.00)

  June 3, 2000   Party videos

The second edition of Teknation, which took place in the Axl.

It's a nice place with a vaulted ceiling below the street in the center of Utrecht. On the line-up dj’s Sir Jamez, Cell and Jor & Jochem.