I sometimes blog about some stuff, mostly Wordpress related, but also some other stuff. These are my posts...

How to file a bug report

  November 22, 2019   Wordpress

As a developer I get tons of people/clients delivering bugs/issues. There are some default things, every developer will ask you, right of the bat before he/she will even look at it.

Since I've been answering this question so many times already, I thought I'd write a short list of things every (proper) developer should ask so I can point people to it, instead of answering the question.

How to debug WordPress issues properly ?

  September 22, 2019   Wordpress

Finding an error in your Wordpress(.org) site, can sometimes be a pain in the ass. That's why I wanted to write somewhat of a step by step plan on how to find the error.

Widgets, WPML and Timber

  February 24, 2018   Wordpress

I'm a big fan of Timber, a Wordpress plugin which renders Symfony's templating language Twig into php code.

If you use Timber you can now render all your output in a Twig file, instead of having to echo the logic and all elements in a the (php) widget file, which makes for cleaner template files.

Dynamically exclude items from Yoast SEO sitemap

  January 4, 2018   Wordpress

If you are like me, you love the Yoast SEO plugin; one of the, if not the, most popular plugin for Wordpress.

One of its features is to exclude pages from the sitemap. You can do this by going to the 'Excluded posts' tab in Yoast's SEO settings or you can do it dynamically.

Conditional logic with Taxonomies (ACF)

  September 17, 2017   Wordpress

If you use the plugin Advanced Custom Fields a lot, like I do you're bound to run into some sort of limitation.

My problem (and so it seems, not just mine) was related to taxonomy and conditional logic. While building a site with profiles (with the use of an ACF form), I had a form where profile info had to be entered. For sex I had created a taxonomy, so I added it as a taxonomy field.

Advanced Custom Fields combined with Ultimate WP Query Search Filter

  October 24, 2016   Wordpress

If you're like me, you love Advanced Custom Fields, for which I use the Pro version. I use it 99% of my projects because it's just one of the best plugins to create custom meta fields for all sorts of post types and terms.

Roller Derby Amsterdam

  October 15, 2012   Blog

I like sports as much as the next guy, except I like a bit more non-traditional sports. Mostly these sports are a bit more adrenaline packed.

Now there's one sport which I can only watch since it's a a girls only sport and no it's not synchronised swimming. It's Roller Derby, a sport where girls skate (on rollerskates, not blades) on an oval track.

Strafwerk (02.11.12)

  December 3, 2011   Party videos

Strafwerk (translation: detention) was a party I had never heard of before, but I was soon to find out, since Luna City Express (Marco Resmann & Norman Weber) were playing there.

The party was great fun, with people on stage folding paper planes, throwing paper balls in to the club, like one does in detention.

Anton Pieete @ Paladium (25.11.11)

  November 26, 2011   Party videos

Anton Pieete called out for a driver on his Facebook and since I had nothing planned, I agreed to drive him to and from Arnhem. He had to play there and his driver wanted to drink as well, so I had to be the sober one.

We drove there and got to a gig which was a disaster. There were about 30 people (including staff). Needless to say it was a tough party.

Azari and III @ Gretchen (19.11.11)

  November 20, 2011   Party videos

I was back in Berlin and I found out Azari and III was playing that day. With nothing planned yet, I went to the concert, which was nice.

The location was super, check the ceiling.