Amsterdam Dance Event 2010 – 1

Amsterdam Dance Event is always a hectic period. In the past I went to as many clubs to take some pictures everywhere for the websites I used to do. This time I focussed mostly on the daily program.

I went as a representative for DJ Monitor, since I wanted to meet with as many labels, publishers and artists as possible. That resulted in 3 afternoons filled with meeting after meeting.

But it was all worth it. I also had plans to go out a lot, with an entire schedule prepared for 5 nights. I only did 2 in the end…

My first meeting was scheduled at 11:15 and since I was up late due to preparing my meetings, presentation and stuff, I didn’t get a lot of sleep. Luckily the first was an instant succes, which gave me a good boost for the rest of the days.

I attended the D25 panel, where the entire Detroit crew was present, 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation. The panel coniststed of Juan Atkins, Stacey Pullen, Kevin Saunderson, Alan Ester, Monty Luke, Kenny Larkin, Carl Craig, Greg Gow and was moderated by Derrick May. They all told nice stories about the past 25 years and how Detroit and its evolved throughout the years.

At night the parties started. I started my night at the first Internation Golden Gnome Awards. Unfortunately it wasn’t as much fun as it normally is, when it’s held in March with a local Dutch crowd. The international crowd didn’t really get what it was all about plus not all jokes can be translated properly. Bit of a disappointment.

From there on to the Melkweg where D25 was doing their night. It was (a bit too) packed, so I left after while with a friend of mine to go towards Rembrandtplein. He went to go to Air (Drumcode/Ovum), I went to Studio 80 for the Bpitch party. I came in when Sascha Funke was playing but his set was too slow and the crowd didn’t really wanted this… When Ellen Allien took over the crowd instantly started dancing, because this is what they wanted, a party.

Curious to see what was happening in Air, I left Studio 80 to come into a club where Josh was playing a nice set. People cheering, hands in the air, lots of familiar faces, so a nice party. Adam Beyer took over to close it off with some good ol’ techno. Day 1 was a success.