People often ask me: “Why the name Beee ?”.

The name finds it origin back when I was 12/13, around the time The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air started on tv. Will Smith named his friend Jazz(y Jeff) ‘J’ and the butler Geoffrey became ‘G’, so Berry became B (in spoken form only).

The name was only used by friends, until I was about 19, when I started posting in a newsgroup. I needed a username, so I added the the e’s myself. 3 instead of 2, to avoid any comparisson with the yellow/black stinging bee.

When I started using this name to sign all my reviews and photos (online and in Bassic Groove), the name got used more and more and nowadays a lot of people (in music) know me as Beee.

In the early days I never even used my real name, even my mom called me Beee sometimes. I bet a lot of them didn’t even know my real name then ;) but there you have it. That’s why Beee.