A couple of days Berlin

Berlin is my favourite city in the world and it has been since I was a kid. That’s why I don’t mind going at all. This time I planned a trip which was ‘work minded’ so I didn’t plan any parties.

But to not go out, when you’re in Berlin is impossible (to me).

I arrived on Wednesday afternoon and went to the first event at night; Bar Bitches/10 Years Club Commission, an invite only event organised by a sort of ‘club union’ in Berlin which took place in the (new) Magnet Club.

Since I hadn’t been there yet, this was a good way to check it out. A nice club in an old building, next to Watergate, several levels with different areas. I forgot who was playing when I was there :) I didn’t stay long since I was tired from the trip and I had a lot of meetings coming up.

Thursday was all about meetings and a trip to an old cafe called Jägerkläuse which featured the ‘Wirtshaus tour’ (a Jägermeister event). This is a tour where bands play in locations that normally don’t feature any live music. Old fashioned pubs, stuff like that. Saw/heard some nice music by Yeksek and a band which name I also forgot…

Wirtshaus @ Jägerkläuse

Then Friday came around with even more meetings and then it was finally weekend. Time to really go out. I had plans to go out somewhere late at night, but found out during the day that (Amsterdam DJ) Johanna Mercker was playing around the corner from where I was staying. So I started my night earlier as planned and visted her in a sort of DJ cafe, called “Süss war Gestern”. A very nice place. A very relaxed, very mixed crowd. Nationalities wise that is. Besides the 2 Dutchies and the Germans there were also French, British, Polish and even Romanian people.

Off recordings @ Süss war Gestern

Around 3 it was time to move on. I wanted to visit Tresor, since I hadn’t seen the new location yet. I had fond memories of the old one, but was very curious to see what this old ‘power station’ looked like from the inside. And with DJ Rush on the line-up what better way to experience that Tresor feeling….

The building looked awesome, industrial and dark. The way it was and how it should be (for Tresor). Well, the feeling I remembered from the ‘old’ basement was back. The bars were still there, all those cabinets were still there, the darkness, strobes and fog, it was all there. And WTF plays this guy loud !

Upstairs in the Globus was Dejan Milicevic (I think). He played music that I liked a lot better than Rush, that’s just too damn fast/hard for me. I wasn’t planning on staying long, I just wanted to see the club.

Tresor tunnel entrance

Tresor tunnel

Bars in front of the Tresor dj booth

From there on it was off to Berghain, the final stop of the night. It was a High Grade Label night and frontman Tom Clark was playing in the upstairs room. Downstairs had Luke Slater (earlier that night), someone I don’t know and Electric Indigo, not my music, so I didn’t go there.

And why would I Tom was playing very nice. I have been dancing several hours, ignoring my knee (which costed me the next day) and having fun with some people I met and friends who were there that I didn’t know of.


I rolled outside when the day had already properly started… I went to ‘my place’, chilled a bit, took a shower, packed my bags and was out the door. To the train station to go back home and visit Voltt with Villalobos and Raresh.