12 Inch City & Linke Soep

The weekend starts here is a proper description for last night… Marco Resmann (Luna City Express) was in town to play at BC12 and since he’s a friend and I had no plans I decided to join him which ended up on a clubhopping tour through Amsterdam.

We started at BC12 where he had to play. When we came in there were max 50 people so we expected the worst. Luckily during his set more and more people came in and by the time he was more than halfway, the room was nicely filled and by the time he ended it was full. Which was very nice for Darko Esser who played after him.

We didn’t hear much because we left, on our way to Club Air to visit Onno, who had just visited us in BC12. Due to some faulty communication about the guestlist we didn’t get in. No problemo, because we we’re both looking forward to our final destination; Studio 80, just down the road.

Monika Kruse was playing at the Linke Soep party and we both wanted to go. We got in just when she started. The room was packed, sweaty and pumping. She rocked until the last record and the club was still full by the last sounds.

It was almost 7 when I got home… My weekend had definetely started here…