Are you considering a site migration to WordPress and you want this to run as smooth as possible ? I have migrated several sites like flash and static (non database driven) sites to WordPress.

Migrate to WordPress

There are 2 forms of migrating:

  1. migrate from a non-database driven site
    this is fairly easy to do, since everything can be designed from scratch, without having to take any existing depencies into account
  2. migrate from a database driven site
    this process needs more analyzing and planning (than the previous option), since existing data from the database might need to be re-used and thus treated carefully

Migrate away from WordPress

Being a WordPress developer I would recommend it to almost anyone who needs a cms, but there are a few (not a lot) instances where WordPress won’t do.

If you decide to move away from WordPress and need advice on which data is necessary to import into your new system, I can consult you in this process.