Kiesgrube (21.08.11)


This weekend was planned to be the only one I had ‘free’ as in no work, no festival, no parties, just relaxing… Since a lot of people were at Lowlands, it was nice and quiet…

But I saw Kiesgrube was organized and I didn’t go for a long time… So impulsively we drove to Neuss on Sunday.

Our companions already crashed on the way to Neuss (see photo). They were up and ready upon arrival and we prepared ourselves.

We were so glad we did drive up here, just look at the weather… We came in when Dubfire was playing his last tracks, so Richie started not long after we arrived. Perfectly in time, since he was the main reason… The atmosphere was super, people were dancing everywhere and it was sunny as hell. The day was perfect.

A couple of minutes before the end we left, to be ahead of the ‘masses’. We were home shortly after midnight, very satisfied…